Dwyane Wade Stays in Miami

3 Jul IMG_2293-0

Hallelujah! After so much speculation and fear from Heat fans that the golden child, Dwyane Wade would pull a “LeBron James” and leave them…he has reached a deal with the Miami Heat! It was a rough season filled with injuries and it began with the wound of losing the game’s biggest star. The idea of Wade possibly leaving to finish out his storied career was enough to send Miami fans in to a craze. Alas, he remains on Biscayne Blvd, and Heat Nation, rejoices! 

Jim Harbaugh Gets Weird on Colin Cowherd

1 Jul 5271fcba702a11d97b0b8b42af33a661_crop_north

I’ve been involved in some weird interviews before, most notably with Rob Schneider who was total jerk on the show awhile ago, but this Harbaugh-Cowherd interaction was on another level. I commend Cowherd for having that amount of questions ready to go for Harbaugh and for putting up with his round about, dismissive answers for that long. I never understood why anyone accepts an interview that they don’t want to do, it never ends well. What’s the point of Harbaugh going on a national show and being all weird?

The New Creed Trailer Looks Awesome!

1 Jul Creed-Movie-665x385

I was pretty skeptical about this movie when I first heard about it but this trailer has won me over. I’m a sucker for a good boxing flick, but when it comes to the Rocky franchise I wasn’t sure I wanted another film. Michael B. Jordan is a great actor and it looks like there is a good balance of nostalgic references with enough of a new storyline. I’m in.

Finale Prediction, Who Dies on Game of Thrones Tonight?

15 Jun 11-Cersei-Lannister-played-by-Lena-Headey

Who Dies On Game Of Thrones Tonight? – Scott Gillespie

Full disclosure here, I have not read the books nor do I read articles that would spoil the TV show for me. Anyone who is reading who has not kept up with season 5 through last week’s episode “The Dance of Dragons”, BEWARE SPOILERS AHEAD.

Ok now that I got my surgeon general’s warning out of the way let’s move forward but by moving back first. Huh? Yeah you heard me right lets go back to episode 1 of the seasons Game Of Thrones titled “The Wars To Come”. In that episode Cersei forces a witch living on her Father’s land to tell her what her future has in store for her. We come to find out that the witch is actually spot on with a couple of her prophecies already such as the fact of Cersei being married to the King and having 3 children yet the witch tells her she will have none with the King. I am a big fan in the spinning of a good story in any form or fashion. One of the stylizations that a good story can do is to tie things all together or to bring them “full circle”. The witch tells Cersei that her children will be of “Gold crowns and gold their shrouds”. I see this as foreshadowing of tonight’s events to come. Yes…Yes…Yes I know what you are thinking GOT’s doesn’t use the last episode to drop big bombs on us. Instead they use the penultimate episode to lop heads off and kill a wedding just when it’s getting good.

game-of-thrones-season-5-cersei-lannister-and-tommen-baratheonCersei has been decidedly in control of all events this season just as her father was. Except where Tywin Lannister it seemed could just about do no wrong except maybe linger to long on the throne reading his newspaper. Cersei can do no right. She has depleted any support the small counsel could lend soft “Tommen of the House Baratheon, First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men and Lord of the Seven Kingdoms”. Which brings me to my prediction for tonight’s episode? If anyone has anything important to say to Tommen please do it now because he gets executed by “The Sparrows”. Cersei you see has been and will be the reason why her son is executed. She granted them the authority to go after those in high society such as those associated with House Tyrell. She militarized them for God’s errr I mean the 7 God’s sake! Now that she is held captive ironically enough she still holds all the power in the world to save him all she must do is “repent”. Cersei as we all have seen has refused to repent and this refusal will sentence poor Tommen (the anti-Joffrey) to pay the ultimate price for being an abomination to the God’s (yes all 7 of them). The act of truly repenting before the God’s and the mercy for doing so is called the “mothers mercy” no less. For the second time in her life Cersei will watch as a child born of her is murdered before her eyes. The decent into madness begins.

This makes the most sense to me as throwing Tommen into a cell really isn’t all that dramatic considering his value really comes from his tie to his mother more so than his value as an actual main character which he is not.

How good do I feel about this as a prediction? I feel pretty damn good actually, enough to push all my chips to the center of the table and go “all in” on it.

Kimmel Sent “Activists” Out to “Change” the Warriors Name

12 Jun

Oh Sweet Jimmy, this is amazing. Literal Tears.

Stephen A Smith Makes a Joke About Female Soccer Players

12 Jun

Of course, the reason they didn’t get a head on it is because they didn’t want to mess up their hair. Stephen A. Smith with yet another gem. Not surprising, at this point it’s predictable. Wonder what his explanation for this comment will be…

Umpire Tackles Matt Kemp in Padres, Braves “Brawl”

11 Jun

I’d give that tackle a good 6 on a 1 to 10 scale. I’m not really sure what the motivation for that move by the home plate umpire Jordan Baker, but it did seem to diffuse the brawl so maybe MLB should consider giving the Umps the freedom to act. Baseball brawls almost always end the same way though. Everyone runs out of the dugout cursing and pointing only to shove a few people and head back.


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